Artist Bio

Throughout my life everything I have gravitated to has been related to form in three dimensions; dancing, costume design, product development and design, art classes, masks, and now sculpture. The distillation of these elements came surprisingly through a class offering.  I thought it would be fun as well as great therapy (hitting a rock with a hammer!).  Once I started I never stopped.

I was born in San Francisco California.  The family moved to Portland early on and settled there.  From early childhood I danced, ballet, jazz dance, tap, and continued through high school and into college, teaching and performing.  The joy of movement and form has always stayed with me.

On a parallel track, I collected rocks.  From early in childhood there were stones in all of my pockets. In fact, to me, all rocks were beautiful; the brown ones, the shiny ones, the rough ones… I collected many boxes of them.

Through dancing I became interested in costume design and construction, and took classes in draping and tailoring and subsequently pattern grading. For a while I designed costumes for dance productions and pageants.

Alas, I needed to make a living so after acquiring an MBA, I had a career in product development. This included designing packaging, sets for trade shows, products including appliances, kitchen accessories, cookware, and leading teams to develop new products, infomercials, promotions, and sales strategies.

And then it happened.  While selling a company, and feeling so very stressed, I found a stone carving workshop.  The idea of hitting a rock with a hammer seemed like such a good release that I could not resist.   Through this workshop I found sculpture, and stone, and passion, and a new direction.  It was home.

Eventually the business sold.  I kept sculpting, and never looked back.    

Stone carving is the culmination of the passions of a lifetime.  I have studied with two sculptors, and have traveled to Italy to study as well.  Many other classes have added to my understanding of art, assembly, finish, and led me to my own vision for sculpture.

Come with me, let us make the stones dance.